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Hey richard. First i want to thank you it is a great guide for learning JS. Now lets get to my problem Im trying to build the first edition of the quz and im stuck for a long time. Basically i have done an object that looks like your array example. And i made an html basic file with h1 as a title qusetion A 4 li with radio buttons. And a next buttons. Just to note i all of rhe html tags are empty the only one who as value and attributes is the next button. And my simple thinking was for every qistion in allqustion to show the first qusetion (position 0) and append it to h1 using jQuery. Next for every choice append chicice ( start with position 0) to li num1 after that go to the next li abd append the next choice. Untilthere are no li tags to fill. Now when the client click next i check the value of the radio if its not undfinded meaning it is not empty procced to next qustion by earsing the current h1 value and doing the same as i explained above for qusetion position 1. If the value of the choosen radio button is equals to the qusetion answer. Then correcAnswer get +1 to it.

I think that the way i think of how to build this app is fine. I just cant seem to “translate” it to javascript code. I have read all the chapters agian from the js book and still im stuck. Is there any hope for me to learn JS? im really intresting in learning js/meteoe/node.js/backbone.js

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Do I also need to learn HTML5 and CSS3 apart from Javascript, Backbone, and Node.js?


I asked the question because I want to be a web developer not a web designer.


Yes, as a web developer, you have to learn HTML5 and CSS3 for sure. Fortunately, those are the easiest technologies you will ever learn as a web developer.

Hey Richard, Thanks for this informative post. I followed along with the reddit group and found it to be helpful to have a group to study along with.

Someone told me to write about the process to better understand what I am learning. So my blog follows each week of your program, maybe it will help other people going through the program.

More importantly, I would like to share the two live dynamic quizzes I have created. The first one in pure JS that I did and the second which utilizes jQuery:

You can find the code of those dynamic quizzes at my GitHub account:

Lastly, I would greatly appreciate anyone who would critique my code. What would you do differently and why? As a noob coder, I figure this is a critical step in learning.

Hi Brian, Thanks for your comment and for posting your code. I am sure both will help other JS developers who are also learning JS.

I took a cursory look at your code and it looks good. As you look at others code later on in your dev career, you will learn a lot about how adv. developers code, but for now, keep learning and coding. As long as your projects are working as expected, you are doing fine.

When you learn JS frameworks like Backbone.js, you will see how they better organized your code and make your entire code look very professional

Well guys here is my quiz check it out and tell me what you think of my quiz:

Hi Boaz, Sorry, man, I was inundated the last few weeks and only now I am able to respond properly.

So it looks like you have overcame the trouble you were having and you completed your quiz. Good job.

You quiz is pretty and slick Why is an answer already selected by default for each question?

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2.0 - 3.0

What an INR Level of 7.1 means

An INR Level of 7.1 is VERY HIGH and is much higher than your therapeutic INR range of 2-3 . This means your blood is considered "dangerously thin"


Having blood that is "dangerously thin" means you are at a greater risk of internal bleeding . You should report any falls or accidents, as well as signs or symptoms of bleeding or unusual bruising to your healthcare provider.

internal bleeding

The most serious internal bleeding can happen in your stomach or head.

Excessive bleeding can occur in any area of the body.

Your INR is 7.1 and is greater than or equal to 4.5. If this continues for prolonged periods of time, the chance of bleeding inside the head increases significantly. 4

Since your international normalized ratio (INR) is outside your therapeutic range, your doctor may opt to adjust your current Warfarin therapy plan.

international normalized ratio

DO NOT attempt to self-medicate. ALWAYS consult your doctor and follow his/her treatment plan.

These are some scenarios you may experience:

Your doctor may want you to stop taking (hold) Warfarin temporarily and see him/her immediately. 6

Your doctor may consider giving you a mini-dose of oral Vitamin K to bring your 7.1 INR down into your target INR range. 10

If there isn't a clear explanation for your INR of 7.1 to be out of your target INR range, then your doctor would decrease your Warfarin maintenance dose by 5%–15%. The doctor will want to recheck your INR in 4 to 7 days. 6, 10

Your doctor is going to want to monitor your INR more frequently, will likely have you omit your next 1-2 dosages and will restart you at a lower dosage when your INR approaches your target range. Your doctor may orally give you 1-2.5 mg of Vitamin K1. Your doctor is going to want to monitor your INR more frequently until your INR stays consistently in your target range. 1

If you're having surgery in 24 hours, your INR can't be VERY HIGH.Your doctor will give you 2–4 mg of Vitamin K1 orally with the expectation that your INR will go down within 24 hours. After 24 hours, if your INR is not back to your target range, your doctor may give an additional 1–2 mg of Vitamin K1. Your doctor is going to want to monitor your INR more frequently until your INR stays consistently in your target range. 1

Your doctor will give you a prothrombin complex concentrate and 10 mg of vitamin K1 by infusion. Your doctor may repeat if needed. This treatment is to stop the bleeding.

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